Online Therapy  

We provide online therapy with experienced psychologists

Appointments take place via an encrypted  Telehealth Video platform called Wellola, which is specifically tailored for psychological therapy. No need to download anything. We will send you a link to connect to your appointment.

Despite some having reservations, research consistently shows that online treatment can be very effective for many mental health issues.

How does online therapy work?

You will be sent a video link to access the virtual therapy room where you will meet the psychologist.

The assessment may take between 1-2 appointments where the psychologist will take a detailed history of your difficulties as well as discussing your goals for therapy.

The Psychologist will assess suitability for online therapy. If the psychologist makes the clinical judgement that you may benefit more from in-person appointments, this will be discussed and a referral can be made for in-person appointments.

Our fees vary according to the assessments provided. Please contact the clinic for further information.

Advantages of Online Therapy 

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